Melissa. 20. Aries. Lost Angels.

anxiety is such a real and scary thing idk why people joke about it 

Things have been crazy lately. I’m moving out to a loft downtown on my own for the first time. I’m adapting to being an adult in this crazy city. I’m adapting to being out in the world as a single woman, who doesn’t understand what she wants or where she’s going. I’m guessing this is what your 20’s are all about though, right? Finding yourself. Working a little too hard, getting a little too drunk. Doing things you regret, doing people you regret. Meeting beautiful souls that you want more than anything to make nests in, but know you can’t because you’ve learned not to trust anyone out there or their intentions. People change. You change, you learn, and you grow. The more I grow the happier I am and maybe one day I’ll make sense of everything. 


by Ianception