Melissa. 20. Aries. Lost Angels.

Not sure about much. Not sure if it’s the alcohol that’s been pumping through my veins this past week, but i’m too naive. About most things, especially living in this city. Especially trying to find someone you connect with. There seems to be not one genuine soul out there, it could be that we’re all young and dumb. I understand that. But I wish for once, just once, a person I genuinely start to try to understand doesn’t portray the actions of every fuck boy I’ve ever given a chance. I recently wondered why I was so reserved when it came to putting myself out there or even letting someone get to know me, and now I’m remembering why.

i have so many questions about so many things right now and i wish i had someone to go to at this hour


Sunset, PurpleAnn Woo

Beach umbrellas photographed by Daniel Sorine
Cannes, France. 1979.